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In 2001, George Frye started TransGOLF, Inc.®  Having served as Golf Course Superintendent/Director of Golf Maintenance for three golf entities spanning more than 20 years, he always felt there was a major need in the golf course industry for a company that would help golf course superintendents, owners, and architects in the transition phases of golf course management, maintenance, and consulting. TransGOLF® today represents four different areas of growth:  Product Sales/Research & Development, Champion Bermudagrass, Water Quality, and General Consulting



  • Product Sales/Research & Development

TransGOLF, Inc.®, offers its expertise and services to companies with up and coming new products that may be beneficial to the future agronomics of quality turf.  TransGOLF® currently serves as a distributor for Southern Organics and Supply, Inc.; LidoChem, Inc.; Nutrients Plus; Green Science Technology; and Turf Max, LLC.


    • LidoChem’s Performance Nutrition Division ( was established in 1994 “for the purpose of offering a wide array of environmentally-friendly nutritional and plant disease management products.”  LidoChem’s KaPre ExAlt, a highly recommended soil mineralization product, is “a proprietary blend of organic acids, electrolytes, and surfactants … specifically formulated to remediate salty soils.”  Performance Nutrition’s Pennamin products, produced using plant nanotechnology, “chelate micronutrients, improve foliar uptake of nutrients, slowly release organic nitrogen, nourish beneficial microorganisms, and improve stress tolerance.”  Plant and soil fertility products include Krystal Klear Turf Mix, Krystal Klear ResQ, Embella, NutriSmart, Prudent 44, Nutrol, RemeD8, Germin8, and the Vibrant product line.



    • Growth Products                                                                  ( has been a leader in liquid nutrient and biological technologies for 30 years. Growth Products offers technologically advanced liquid fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, biological fungicides with beneficial microbes, and natural liquid organics. Growth Products’ organically based liquids work from the bottom up, to improve your soil as well as your turf. Their liquid fertilizers have the lowest salt indexes in the industry, so you never have to worry about problems such as phytotoxicity, salt build up, or settling out. Growth Products’ superior formulations offer pin-point delivery of nutrients and dual nutrient absorption through both leaf and roots. Products include TKO Phosphites 0-29-26, Recover Rx 3-18-18, and Liquid Potassium 0-0-25


    • Green Science Technology                                                          "Green Science Technology - Power to the Plant", the newest generation of calcium therapy and quantum science, produces 0-0-30 + 16% Ca, an ionic powder combined with complex acids that is safe for use in high heat conditions.  Particles are uniform in size for great spray ability and are less than ½ micron in size.


    • Nutrients Plus                                                                                            ( “Nutrients Plus’ Clarus™ Biodiversity™ Homogenous Blends for Fine Turf & High Maintenance Areas” are biodiversified products that use carbon via humic acid and molasses to sustain microbial productions in the soil while providing the positive benefits of organic nutrition.  Double Eagle (8-2-8) provides “optimal 1:1 N:K ratio, controlled nitrogen feeding, and a high rate of potash from an effective combination of natural bases, compost and feather-meal, plus sulfate of potash.”  Safe Play (6-2-4) is an all-purpose, all-natural formula. “Ingredients include feathermeal, composted poultry manure, sulfate of potash, molasses and soluble humate.”



  • Champion Bermudagrass  (

    TransGOLF® presently handles the installation and follow-up for Champion Bermudagrass, both for no-till conversion on existing golf courses and new golf course installation in the southeast.  The no-till is the most exciting and economical approach to renovating old putting surfaces to date without major disruption.  The no-till process has revolutionized the restoration of putting surfaces at a low cost and with minimal down-time.  Click here to view a complete list of Champion Bermudagrass installations




  • Water Quality

The quality of irrigation water dictates our future success in agronomics.  TransGOLF® specializes and consults for golf courses that utilize well water, treated effluent, or ground water that may have constituents that are harmful to managing/maintaining good quality turf.  TransGOLF® has over 20 years of experience with poor water quality and extensive knowledge in the placement and operation of Harmon SO2 generators that improve water quality.


  • General Consulting

His 20 plus years of experience and knowledge in agronomics has allowed George Frye/TransGOLF, Inc.®, to give back to the golf course industry what it has given to him by offering consulting services that are compatible with his expertise and background. He has delivered numerous lectures at both the state and national level and has taught numerous seminars.






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