Client Testimonials

“Agra-Rouse has been a part of our plant growth program for over three years now.  This product has proven to be a complete complement to all of our management practices on the golf course.  We have found that applications of this product will yield an increased vertical density, root vigor, and durability of the canopy.  Agra-Rouse has also proven effective in the enhancement of other fertilizer and plant growth products.”   

                   Chris Johnson, Golf Course Superintendent, May River Golf Club

September 20, 2011


“Agra-Rouse is a great product.  We sprayed Rouse on our Champion Greens on a Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, the greens were unbelievable.  The response was incredible.  I am a firm believer in this product.”

             Scott Fallon, Golf Course Superintendent, Bermuda Run Country Club

September 29, 2011


"We incorporated agra-Rouse into our spray program three years ago. Right away we could tell that the greens were putting faster and smoother. Our Champion greens now have a stronger root system and a tighter vertical putting surface. The greens are simply healthier. We love this product."
             Bryan Barnard, Golf Course Superintendent, Cleghorn Country Club Plantation 

November 4, 2011


“After using Agra-Rouse for only 6 weeks the root mass has nearly doubled in our Champion bermudagrass greens.”

“It has now been four months since I started spraying Agra-Rouse and my comfort level going into the winter with ultradwarf has grown significantly, due to the dense and lengthy roots Rouse pushes.”

Brent Gentel, Golf Course Superintendent, Starmount Forest Country Club

December 7, 2011


“There is little doubt that Agra-Rouse made a significant difference in our Champion Bermudagrass root depth and structure going into Mid to Late Fall. I strongly recommend incorporating Rouse into any plant health program.”  

David Lee, Golf Course Superintendent, Hope Valley Country Club

December 8, 2011


"Because The Tour Championship by Coca-Cola is held in late September, our MiniVerde greens enter the fall season mowed tight and heavily regulated. In 2010, after four weeks of virtually no growth and our wanting to raise our height-of-cut for winter, George recommended Agra-Rouse to help the plant begin growing again. Despite the cool weather of mid-October, the plants did respond, and we were able to increase our HOC to our desired level. Agra-Rouse also works well in the spring to "kick-start" the MiniVerde so we can begin to increase our density earlier in the season. Agra-Rouse has become an important part of my program."

Ralph Kepple, CGCS, East Lake Golf Club


“We began using Agra-Rouse last spring.  Our 36-hole facility has Champion and Tif-dwarf green surfaces.  Both surfaces are over-seeded in the winter.  The water source available is effluent and transition has always been a challenge. 

We strongly considered using several light herbicide applications to remove the over-seed competition.  However, once adding Agra-Rouse to weekly spoon feed fertilizations the turf became so healthy, herbicide applications were not needed to aide in transition.”

Matthew Fitzpatrick, Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Club at Indigo Run

 February 9, 2012


“Monthly applications of KaPre ExAlt + VermaPlex + Pennamin High K seem to have helped us produce a more stress-tolerant turf while at the same time providing a great environment for our soil biology to flourish. We have seen our no-till layer disappear in the last 6 months, and our turf is more reactive to foliar applications and able to sustain great color for longer periods of time. This application is a must for my program when the soil is active from March through November here in Greensboro, North Carolina.”  

Keith Wood, Golf Course Superintendent, Sedgefield Country Club

November 5, 2013


“I’ll second those statements from Keith Wood, Sedgefield Country Club, without a doubt. Those apps are a mainstay in our program, and we could not do without them. We have tried many different types of foliar apps and have found that ExAlt + VermaPlex and Agra-Rouse with Pennamin have helped us during our grow-in and in the 14 weeks since we started the project. As you are aware, we started our grow-in in tough summer conditions on June 26, 2013 when we planted our greens. We had 5.5 inches of rain 2 days later, and of the 8 weeks of grow-in, we had 11.5 inches of rainfall and 15 days of sunlight, with only 2 of those days over 90 degrees. With help from George Frye and David Powell with what they recommended, we came through a tough time with very little stress. So without a doubt, these products are the life-blood of our program.”  

Tim Davis, Golf Course Superintendent, Cabarrus Country Club

November 8, 2013


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